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Employee Benefit Design has the experience and expertise necessary to provide flexibility and technological innovation to your Employee Benefits Program. We give you the information you need to clearly understand the impact of plan design, compliance requirements, and medical benefits for an organization’s bottom line. As an independent advisor, our number one priority is making sure that our client’s coverages are with carriers that best fit their current situation, needs, and wants, based upon quality, price, and network access. 

Ongoing, proactive, communication is key to a successful program and working relationship. Each client has a dedicated Producer, Account Manager and Customer Service Representative Team assigned to function as the liaison between you, your employees and insurance carriers.

Employee Benefit Design offers a broad range of group and individual health, dental, life, disability, worksite, compliance, and retirement products.  Group products can be offered as fully insured or self-insured with a wide range of nationally recognized carriers. Individual coverage is offered on a fully insured basis, and we are also certified to offer Medicare Supplements. In this ever-increasing complex health insurance market, let us be your resource to information and compliance assistance with the health care reform legislation and health care exchanges. As a United Benefit Advisor (UBA) member firm, we are among the largest employee benefits advisory organizations allowing us to provide our clients access to service, resources, and expertise throughout the country.

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