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EBD Insurance
EBD Insurance

“At Employee Benefit Design, we understand that behind every policy, there’s a person, a family, and dreams needing to be protected. That’s why when you choose to work with us, you’ll experience exceptional service that goes beyond the paperwork and industry jargon.”


– Ken Stephens

Benefits Manager since 1985.

Recruits retain and protect those that make your business successful. A solid employee benefits plan is the key to recruitment and retention of key employees. Employee insurance benefits include group health, vision, dental and life insurance plans, but comprehensive benefits packages go beyond health insurance. We’re here to help you go above and beyond as a benefits-forward company. 

Employee benefits are shown to provide a better experience, more positive work environment and an increase in job performance, making it another win-win. Studies show that 80% of employees now prefer additional benefits over a pay increase. With that in mind, employee retention weighs heavily on an employer’s benefit and compensation planning. 

EBD Insurance
EBD Insurance

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Choosing a Partner in Group Insurance

You want a local team you can trust to keep not only your businesses’ best interest in mind, but your employees. The team at EBD will help you keep your employees happy, healthy, and secure so their focus can be production for you and their family.

Tailored Solutions for Business & Employee

Frustrated with your current benefits plan or insurance provider? We will work to get you the right plan and be here to adjust if things aren’t as you need them to be. We work for you and will ensure your benefits do too.

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EBD Insurance

Our Approach

  • Assess Your Needs
  • Customize a Benefits Plan
  • Implement & Train Your Custom Benefits Plan
  • Monitor & Review Plans Performance on a Regular Basis
  • Report Back to You
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Protect your business, its investments, your employee’s health and wealth.

Work with a Local Benefits Firm

WHY LOCAL? Employee Benefit Design is an independent employee benefits broker with access to top insurance carriers. Allowing us to customize solutions meeting your budget and your individual needs. Leaving the worry and headache out, and your coverage working for you. 

DOES YOUR COMPREHENSIVE BENEFITS PLAN, GO BEYOND GROUP INSURANCE? Employee Benefit Design assists in setting up flexible spending accounts, short- and long-term disability insurance and section 125 cafeteria plans. We facilitate pre-enrollment, assist in employee on-boarding and education, and will be your personal advocate for your claims. We know it takes more to be competitive in the current landscape, we will help you get that competitive advantage. 

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stephanie ackels
stephanie ackels
Drew was amazing and so helpful. He found my husband insurance so fast. Thanks again.
12 months ago
Janice Goosey
Janice Goosey
Our agent goes above and beyond to help us.
1 year ago
Morgan Feldt
Morgan Feldt
Drew is who helped me out and he did an amazing job! No strings attached just simply there to help find what health plan best benefits you! Very ha…
1 year ago
Employee Benefit Design genuinely saved me months of frustrating, confusing back and forth, it was such a relief to have consistent and knowledgeab…
2 years ago

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