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Why Use a Health Insurance Agent?

Why Use a Health Insurance Agent?


Why Use a Health Insurance Agent?

Consulting with a health insurance agent has huge benefits.


Navigating the health insurance world has been simplified by the Affordable Care Act to some degree, however, health insurance lingo and laws are still foreign to the majority of people. Health Insurance Agents are here to help. Health Insurance Agents work with businesses and families alike to guide them through the process of acquiring health insurance.


Health Insurance Agents are very helpful to businesses, in that they are easily able to find the best prices and plan for employers to offer to their employees.  Employers are required to provide affordable premiums to their employees.  Health Insurance Agents can help businesses to be certain that the plans they choose to offer to their employees follow the current affordability and coverage standards. Health Insurance Agents can also help businesses to ascertain whether or not they qualify for tax credits to help pay for group health insurance plans offered to employees.  For a business owner to go through all of this on their own would take a great deal of time.  However, a health insurance agent, who is familiar with plans available in the areas and the new federal standards can more quickly sift through the information and summarize it in a way that helps the business owner to make a confident decision on the group health plan he or she chooses for his or her employees.


Individuals and families face some of the same obstacles that businesses face. While individuals may not need to adhere to national standards for affordability and coverage, they are often faced with trying to find a plan that fits their health care needs. Many individuals are concerned with finding a plan that covers their current doctors and medications. A health insurance broker can make it easier to find a plan that fits these needs.  Health insurance brokers are often much more knowledgeable about individual plans that are available. They can help individuals to differentiate between many plans that may fit their needs.  Often plans differ in only very small details, which may or may not be of consequence to the individual depending on their health needs.


Health insurance agents are a great resource for anyone looking to dive into the government marketplace.  Their knowledge of local plans available will save you lots of time of searching through explanations of benefits for minute differences in plans. Health insurance agents can help small businesses to provide employees with health insurance for the first time by helping them to learn which tax credits they qualify for and which plans meet the federal requirements for coverage and affordability.  The health insurance agents and Employee Benefit Design are here to help you with all of these issues and more!



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