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The Multi Small Business Owner and Health Insurance- A Look at Controlled Group Testing for Springfield, MO

The Multi Small Business Owner and Health Insurance- A Look at Controlled Group Testing for Springfield, MO


Small business owners cope with ACA changes for providing health insurance in Springfield, MO.


Business owners strive to know and succeed at one thing, their business. Whether they wash windows or run a restaurant, no one can fully appreciate what the term ‘jack of trades’ means better than a small business owner. If this is true for those with a single business, imagine the stress of trying to operate two which is what many entrepreneurs in Springfield attempt to do. The last thing that any of these individuals wants is to be told there is yet one more area that they need to constantly monitor and become familiar with. And so, with the heavy air of dread, enter the Control Group laws in regards to the Affordable Care Act.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has charged all employers of 50 or more employees with providing health insurance for those working for them. Those employers that have a qualified control group will also be forced to count employees from other business together as one entity for the 50 full time employee or full time equivalent test. An example of this would be a business owner that owns 50% of a café and 50% of a tire shop with the same co-owner where the number of full time employees and part time equivalents equals 50 or more on average for the majority of the year.


A business owner in Springfield, MO who owns multiple businesses will find themselves in a tight spot with the IRS if they do not proactively monitor their employees to see if they need to offer health insurance. What is worse is that someone who owns a majority of a company may be faced with a dilemma if a partner owns several other businesses which further adds to the liability.


As health insurance gets more and more regulated, it is important that the savvy employer takes precautions to protect themselves and will need to become very familiar with the dynamic environment surrounding health insurance.


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