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Medicare Health Insurance

How old do I have to be to begin Medicare?

When should I sign up? What is the advantage of an Advantage Plan and what is a Part A or Part B benefit? Is Plan F really better than Plan G? These are the questions many aging or disabled adults start to ask as they hurtle toward retirement.

Upon turning 65

or becoming disabled, many find themselves thrust into the chaos that is known as Medicare. At an age when health insurance is very important, these individuals are called upon to make decisions that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Before going down this road uninformed, call an agent and see what years of experience and focus can do to help you along the way.

At Employee Benefit Design,

we understand the complexities that Medicare recipients face and have specialized agents that are certified and trained to assist you with every question and concern. Our agents take pride in their experience and want help clients not only with enrollment, but also help solve any issues relating to their Medicare plan that present themselves throughout their enrollment.

Many Medicare recipients

are concerned that they might not have all available options being shown to them. Our agency is a brokerage firm, which means that we are not limited to just one insurance company. We shop the entire market for our Medicare clients to ensure that they are getting the best plan at the best price possible.

As a brokerage firm,

we are also solely concerned with our client’s insurance needs. Our health insurance agents make sure their clients fully understand their individual benefits under their health insurance plan.  After working with one of our brokers, you’ll fully understand the Medicare plans available from all of the top insurance companies so that you can make a well informed decision on which Medicare plan is right for you.