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Individual Health Insurance

Individual and Family Coverage

Employee Benefit Design recognizes that not everyone has access to luxuries like insurance or disability at work. That is why we have a department that specializes in assisting people on an individual and family basis. There are several types of coverage individuals can purchase and we help give access and advice on each.

Individual/Family Health insurance

Many find themselves unable to procure health insurance through work or through special programs like Veteran’s Affairs or Medicare. In order to get health insurance, these individuals will need to purchase a plan through an insurance carrier or through the Federal Marketplace/Exchange (Healthcare.gov). We give our clients a very simple way to compare plans and prices and offer our experience and knowledge so they can make the most informed decision.

No Cost to Our Clients

The best part of helping an individual or family with their insurance is that we can help them in a significant way and never ask for anything but a referral in return. Many clients leave questioning why we never send them a bill or have additional costs hidden in their premium. We generate a revenue, but it is from the insurance company that is chosen by the client and not from our clients themselves. Being a broker agency, Employee Benefit Design is appointed with every health insurance agency in Missouri and sell their products for them. A minimal amount of each premium is set aside for administrative cost by the health insurance company that is used to pay for some of the enrollment costs of a new customer. These companies will give agencies, like Employee Benefit Design, a predefined amount for each person that the we help enroll into their plan. These insurance companies know that the agents help take care of much of the administrative process and saved the insurance carrier time and money by guiding customers to them that might not have known about their products without the us. Employee Benefit Design, takes pride in being appointed with every health insurance carrier in the Missouri market.

Experienced and Licensed

As one of the top producers in southwest Missouri since the Affordable Care Act took effect, we have the experience to know how to best assist our clients and help them navigate the Federal Marketplace, should they qualify for a tax credit. Unlike many federal employees, our agents are licensed by the state. This
means that each had to demonstrate a deep understanding of the insurance industry in order to pass the state’s licensing exam. 

Furthermore, once we have helped someone enroll into a plan, we do not just pack up and leave you to sort it out from there. Our clients have expert advice and guidance available to them year round. We help our clients with claims, billing, and various other issues every day. Employee Benefit Design’s

clients will always know they are enrolled in the plan that is best for them. Our agents are always available when it comes time to renew or change plans. As an insurance broker agency, we are not tied to any one insurance company. This enables us to give clear guidance and keep every option in mind as plans
change over time. 

Our clients are always given the most up to date information. It is our job to stay educated and informed and keep close relations with insurance carriers. With that being said, we are given constant updates directly from insurance company representatives and have direct lines should our clients be faced with a
situation that needs special attention from the insurance company.

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