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Health Insurance Springfield, Mo

Affordable Health Insurance, Springfield, Mo

You don’t have to maneuver through all the confusing details of the Affordable Care Act on your own – our professionals at Employee Benefit Design are here to provide detailed explanations and help you find the best healthcare solution for your business, big or small. The technicalities of providing your employees in Springfield, Mo with health insurance options can be overwhelming at times and we understand that. That’s why we’re here to take on the extra weight for you and make sure you understand your coverage options while ensuring that it all falls into line with state and federal laws.

Employee Benefit Design Services in Springfield, Mo

We provide a wide range of services while working closely with your company’s Finance and Human Resource departments.

Some of the consulting services we provide include:
● strategic planning
● plan analysis
● annual reports
● experience reports and analysis
● renewal analysis
● marketing benefit plans
● employee communication meetings
● legislative updates
● legal compliance

Health insurance in Springfield, Mo is personal.

As a local company, we understand the importance of that personal touch. We provide each and every client with a highly qualified designated account manager to provide additional support to your company’s Human Resources department. Our personal account managers will assist in many ways at no additional cost.
These services including the following:
● enrollment
● claims
● billing issues
● additional education on plans and benefit packages

Exclusive Springfield, Mo health insurance benefits.

Unfortunately, the healthcare market in Springfield, Mo is shrinking due to Affordable Act regulations forcing some insurance carriers to close their doors or merge with other companies. We are one of five carriers left in the area and still the only member of United Benefit Advisors in the Southwest, Mo region. As a Springfield, Mo healthcare plan provider, you can take advantage of our preferred benefits and pricing, unavailable at other firms in town.

We exclusively offer:
● HR Insider
● Rx Cut Plus
● Benefit Passport
● Benefit Bay

Our unique Springfield, Mo health insurance solutions can meet any company’s needs.

We assist many companies of all different industries navigate the laws of the Affordable Care Act. Our Springfield, Mo health insurance solutions offer a variety of options for local businesses and their employees. Our professionals can help determine which plan will best suit your individual needs and walk you through our Springfield, Mo health insurance coverage plans:

● Fully Insured Health Insurance
● Self-Funded Health Insurance
● Partially Self-Funded Health Insurance
● Federal Marketplace Group Health Insurance (SHOP)