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The Cost for Not Having Health Insurance

  If you don’t have health insurance, you’ll be liable to pay a penalty fee.   Did you know that by not purchasing a healthcare plan you are volunteering yourself to pay a hefty penalty fee each year? There are other negative effects of not having a health insurance plan like paying more for emergency […]

The Coming Rise of Premium Costs

The premiums for health insurance in Springfield, MO continue to increase.   There are now three things guaranteed in life; death, taxes and higher health insurance premiums. The sharp increase of insurance rates since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is devastating. Many in their 50s or early 60s are paying more in health […]

“Technology Doesn’t Always Beat Labor”

The author was commenting on a number of recent books that addressed the issue of technologies putting people out of work. The article began with an 1867 quote from Karl Marx that went like this: “History discloses no tragedy more horrible than the gradual extinction of the English handloom weavers by the rapid and persistent […]

Industry Differences Among Health Savings Accounts

While recent survey data shows that, on average, employers are decreasing the amount they’re willing to contribute to employee Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), there are some industries that have not seen such trends. On average, employees saw a 10 percent decrease in their average single HSA employer contribution from the previous year, from $574 in 2013 to […]

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