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Health Insurance for Veterans

  Veterans without VA health coverage can still get health insurance.   Returning from war torn nations in the Middle-East, many of our young veterans are not old enough to have ever been in charge of their own health insurance decisions. For many, enlistment came shortly after high school graduation, before which their parents or […]

Health Insurance for Multiple Businesses or Multiple states

 How does employee health insurance work for business across multiple states? Small and large businesses alike are faced with a new set of decisions to make about providing health insurance for their employees after the Affordable Care Act went into effect. The Federal government has created the SHOP exchange to assist employers in finding affordable […]

Why Health Insurance Competition Matters for You

Laws on Health Insurance Competition   Employee Benefit Design is a dealer of every available health insurance provider in the state.  This means that Employee Benefit Design’s employees are experts on the plans available for your small business or family.  Recently, almost half of the states in our union have looked into enacting laws that […]

Gift for Employers: Cadillac Tax Delayed

President Obama has signed the omnibus legislation that includes the Consolidated Appropriations Act for 2016 and a tax extenders package. The agreement will keep the federal government running through September 2016. Within the legislation is language that significantly impacts provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), largely through delays of upcoming taxes. […]

Understanding Health Insurance Benefits

Decipher the documents describing your health insurance benefits.   If you’ve ever searched through a health insurance brochure, you’re aware that learning what is covered by your plan isn’t as easy as simply skimming a document.  Many people find out that a medication or service isn’t covered the hard way.  Learning to understand your health […]

Why Use a Health Insurance Agent?

Why Use a Health Insurance Agent? Consulting with a health insurance agent has huge benefits.   Navigating the health insurance world has been simplified by the Affordable Care Act to some degree, however, health insurance lingo and laws are still foreign to the majority of people. Health Insurance Agents are here to help. Health Insurance […]

Using Your Affordable Care Act Premium Tax Credits

Consider these factors before you decide how you want to receive your tax credits.   The Affordable Care Act was designed to make health insurance affordable for all Americans. One way the Affordable Care Act (ACA) attempts to do this is by offering tax credits to those who must purchase insurance through the government marketplace […]

Group Health Insurance vs Marketplace Coverage

Discover all your options for group health insurance before turning to marketplace coverage.   After the Affordable Care Act was passed, many Americans have found reason to complain. Whether you agree politically with the Affordable Care Act or not, you know by now that you’ll be charged a penalty for not having health insurance. Businesses […]

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